Metal Men Low Voltage Wall Sconce


The Wall sconce has a 1-1/2″ x 3″x 10″ base (with a built in 12 volt transformer), there is a 4″x 4″ back plate to be mounted to a 4″ octagon box (for hardwired) or screwed direct to wall (for pin-up, cord with switch) Please note which is desired when ordering.

A MR-16 50 watt halogen bulb is included, or MR-16 LED 50 watt equivalent is available at a $5 up charge.

Each half of the man is a flat conductor of safe 12 volt power to a bulb.


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  • Hang Sconce
  • MR-16 LED upgrade
  • Point Sconce
  • Stretch Sconce
  • Stretch Up Sconce


Metal Men, Men working to bring you light! Bridging the gap between art & functional lighting. Designed by Brian W. Landau 1989


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Weight 0.625 lbs
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Hang Sconce, MR-16 LED upgrade, Point Sconce, Stretch Sconce, Stretch Up Sconce

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Metal Men Low Voltage Wall Sconce


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