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Expo produces a collection of products designed by its owner Brian W. Landau. His goal is to bring you truly unique designs, fresh ideas and functional solutions.

The Lighting line utilizes safe 12 volt power. This allows simple sculptural forms to deliver current to super strong & efficient halogen bulbs. Our phrase “Art as Functional Lighting” started with the introduction of “Metal Men” in 1989 at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. The lighting line grew from there to the collection you see today. The whimsy of many of the designs captures your imagination while providing excellent lighting solutions. All of the fixture designs are available for use on cable, table lights, wall sconces & ceiling lights.

The Hardware collection also has its flagship product. The “Cable Shelf Bracket” was introduced at the “Accent on Design” show in 1991 (won the Show Award!). This patented design provides an exceptionally strong installation supporting the front and rear of the shelf in suspension. It mounts with just 2 screws and works on any shelf up to 16″ deep! The balance of the Hardware line is diversified (from shelving to mirror clips) but all are based on unique solutions & clean design.

Expo’s factory and office staff are dedicated to quality and the best possible customer service. Expo sells its products through retailers
nation wide and will refer you to a convenient store or mail order catalog whenever possible – if there are no retailers carrying the specific product in your area orders can be securely placed on this web site.

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