Wares are Expo Design Products that fall into a housewares or other category

  • Zip-It-Up Wire Management

    The original “Just Zip-It-Up! Great for computer wires (perfect length for 1 PC) Entertainment equip.etc. 20” long neoprene forms a flexible tube when zipped. Stylishly covers a few wires,, or stretches to contain large bundles Pull ring for easy use. Preferred by audio visual installers & computer racking for ease of getting back into bundles.

  • Smartphone Glasses

    Smartphone Glasses. Tired of not being able to see your phone? Reading glasses that adhere right to the back of your Smartphone, tablet, reader, laptop, anywhere! Available in +1.5, +2.0 power & +2.5 power. Super thin polycarbonate reading glasses in a peel and stick pouch!

    Smartphone Glasses

  • Dusty the feather duster (Yellow or White)

    Dusty the Feather Duster. Dusty can stand in any room – ready for a quick dusting. Tail acts as a handy pocket handle or to hang on the edge of a bucket, perfect desk top companion, perfect next to your computer. Rainbow synthetic duster heads that actually attract & hold dust. Their extreme softness allows dusting between fragile items.

  • Fraido the feather duster (Yellow or White)

    Fraido the Feather Duster. Utilizing rainbow colored synthetic fibers that attract & hold dust while being gentle to your stuff. Fraido can stand in any room – ready for a quick dusting or hang away in a closet. The long neck acts as a handle to reach hard to get to spots.

  • Eagle 3D Printed magnetic key chain holder

    Eagle 3D The Eagle is a 3D printed magnetic keyhook designed after the classic art deco gargoyles on top of the Chrysler Building in NYC. The product makes for an easy, aesthetic, and habitual way to suspend keys or other personal effects in plain sight in your entryway or office.

    A Neodymium magnet is embedded inside the end of its beak, strong enough to hold up even the heaviest of key-chains. They mount quickly with two small drywall screws (included with purchase), but command strips can work great too if you prefer.

    Each one is made with PLA (a plastic derived from corn starch) which can be broken down in industrial composting facilities. The magnet is secured without any adhesive, so once removed, the product is only one biodegradable material.

    Shown here in a variety of colors, the eagles are made to order so any color/sheen 3D printing filament comes in is an option — please allow more time for filament not currently in stock. Also reach out with any ideas for personalizations/surface treatments to discuss added costs for.

    Also please note that because this product is 3D printed, there will naturally be striations and ridges in the surface, as well as faint marks left by the computer generated ‘toolpath’ where a layer starts/ends. All orders are shipped in reused/re-purposed cardboard boxes for the sake of extending the lifespan of materials. Thanks so much for your business!

    Original design & fabrication by Evan Landau

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